Now we can use hexo,github and your domain to make a site like here.
You must prepare something:

  • hexo
  • github account
  • your domain

Use Hexo

  1. Install node
    hexo used node so we must install node before all,I use homebrew in Mac:

    brew install node
  2. Create blog folder and install hexo :

    mkdir blog
    cd blog
    npm install hexo-cli -g
  3. Test hexo :

    hexo server

then you can visit http://localhost:4000 to see your hexo blog
all config info in _config.yml

Use github domain mapping your blog

now we will use domain mapping your blog

  1. create your io repository
    create it and the repository name must be,user_name is your github user name
    like me so my user name is BestBurning and my io domain repo is
  2. mapping your local blog
    change _config.yml
    vi _config.yml

at the bottom,you can find deploy,make it like

type: git
branch: master

save and exec command

npm install hexo-deployer-git --save
hexo deploy

then you can visit your io domain like

Mapping your own domain to domain is my domain , and if you visit it will redirect to

  1. Use your domain analyze to your
    • add CNAME with www to point
    • add A with @ to point io domian ip
  2. at blog/soruce folder ,touch file named CNAME
    vi blog/CNAME

add your domain to it

deploy it

hexo deploy
  1. then you can visit to visit your blog

hexo have some themes you can select it ,good luck!